I need your help!

I have been under financial strain for over a month.  I have been placed out of work by my doctor and the company that provides disability while out of work has not approved paying me for over a month.  This has left me very strapped for finances and even has caused some negative effects toward my living status.

Please, if you can help me, follow the link below and donate.  If you cannot help, please share with friends and family who might be willing to donate to a strangers cause.

I do not ask for much.  The money I ask for is just for basic living expenses, food, gas, etc.

Happy holidays and I wish you well.


Ed’s Living Expenses


Now What? – Frustration at it’s finest.

Things to see

Things to do

All the while

Waiting for you


Frustration sets in

As time goes by

Can we finally

touch that sky


But no we can’t

and furthermore

we must endure

what is in store


We cannot escape

the madness within

for frustration has

already set in


More to do

more to see

why is this

meant to be


Move to pass

beyond impasse

what we do

will last and last


Breathe In

The world moves at lightning speed
To only accomplish one single deed

When it’s time to go what will you say
When asked, What did you do this day?

Before it’s too late, take a deep breath
Hold it in, then let it out to stave off death

Could you feel your time standing still
Just for a moment, hear the cry of your will

That is because you chose to breathe in
And fill your spirit with the love within

Now let it out slowly, not too fast
And make the feeling last and last.


Social Media

Click and Poke

Click and Poke

Why does this seem

Like such a Joke


Day in and day out

we like and poke

This lovely lady

and this handsome bloke


The world has become

Virtual to us

hanging in our faces

like an oncoming bus


Social media

is for all to see

so what you post

is not hidden from me


Or is it hidden

Who can say?

Social media

is funny that way.