Breathe In

The world moves at lightning speed
To only accomplish one single deed

When it’s time to go what will you say
When asked, What did you do this day?

Before it’s too late, take a deep breath
Hold it in, then let it out to stave off death

Could you feel your time standing still
Just for a moment, hear the cry of your will

That is because you chose to breathe in
And fill your spirit with the love within

Now let it out slowly, not too fast
And make the feeling last and last.



I am publishing my FIRST BOOK.  The title is “The Wisdom of Words: A poetic collection”

It should be ready by Monday.  It’s going through it’s final review now.

I dedicated this to everyone who supported my work and encouraged me to publish.




Social Media

Click and Poke

Click and Poke

Why does this seem

Like such a Joke


Day in and day out

we like and poke

This lovely lady

and this handsome bloke


The world has become

Virtual to us

hanging in our faces

like an oncoming bus


Social media

is for all to see

so what you post

is not hidden from me


Or is it hidden

Who can say?

Social media

is funny that way.



Seasons of Creation

I am the winter

my cold flame is small

but my heart grows warmer

as the days go by


Cold and alone

I feel so small

but as time goes on

my art will be seen


I am the spring

The buds of creation

bloom around me

I begin to grow


The leaves pop out

as day and night

dance in a tango,

never to end


I am the summer

my art is in full bloom

shown to the world

my colors of life


The existence of pleasure

fills my hallowed halls

as I begin to create

even more inspiring creations


I am the fall

as nature winds down

the world slows and cools

ready to sleep once more


Cover me

Oh, Earth Mother

for I am chilled

and need your blanket


As the cycle ends

and begins anew

I am reminded of

the Seasons of Creation


Be Brave

Stay strong

be brave

even though

the night is long


Dream of days

without pain

without strife

in many ways


You are brave

in so many way

stay your course

though the days be long


I guide you

from heart to home

within the guide

while it’s true


I am far

but never gone

within each other

you can call


You are surrounded

by love so pure

friends and family

in this world


you won’t leave

I know that’s true

but please be brave

because I’ve got you


Silence Shout

To realize your place in this vast world of ours.


Silence Shout


I stand in a sea of people

hoping to be heard above the crowd

sadly knowing I am drown out

by the collective voices of you


I shout so loud

it hurts my lungs

but when its time

I will be heard


I wait for my turn

in the line of life

to get a chance

to plead my case


what happens next

is of no surprise

I’m turned away

my quiet shout


So i stand in silence

wondering what to do

now that you have quieted

the very heart of me


I cannot scream

i cannot yell

yet something must happen

to break this spell


of hate and malice

destined for dread

that runs in my soul

and pounds in my head


do not silence my shout

for you know not where i’ve been

i have rights

you will see


Fight hard

win your war

but shout to the world

no more


for winning is losing

in all sense of meaning

and in that regard

you lose your being


So wait your turn

and keep your shout

silent in nature

we will hear you out.




You take interest in what I say

in your own special way

My thoughts are yours, if even slight

For you understand my plight


Your friendship blankets me

And your heart is grand

For you have helped me

to understand

my own self


This chapter may end

but the book never will

I keep my thoughts of the future

very still


Natural is the way of life

to give unto the world of strife

a hope and dream like no other

that comforts us like a mother


Know i feel more than i say

but it is better if you hear it this way


I won’t stop

I can’t stop

but I will wait

at the top

for you to come

and be with me