I never really thought anything of my talent until just recently.  I entered a college writing contest, The Aspiring Poet, here in Texas.  With one of my poems, which I will share with you now, I won 3rd place and the big award.  the Layuna Hicks Award for Literary Excellence in Poetry.  I could not have been happier with that feeling.

And now, my Award Winning Poem…



Dancing on the clouds above

Warmth from the sun dancing on my skin

Scooping droplets of rain in my hand

Whimsical is the sky

Running along the dusty trail

Rolling in the grassy knoll

Timeless stories told by night

Whimsical is the sky

Roaring fires light the sky

Energy rises within our soul

Dreaming of a new tomorrow

Whimsical is the sky

Seeking answers within the heavens

Triumphant celebration of one’s own youth

Sturdy are the ways of elders

Whimsical is the sky

Trials drawn within the sand

Water rushing across the field

Breathing life within us all

Whimsical is the sky

Torrents of cool and warm

Washing over the mountains high

Touch the wind, touch the rain

Whimsical is the sky

One so young, one so old

Beauty within us all

Searching, spinning, lurking about

Whimsical is the sky

Dance with me once more

Around the world we go

Touching earth, touching heaven

Whimsical is the sky


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